Altiplano After our return from the Amazon we embarked on an extension to Lake Titicaca. To get there, we took a tour bus from Puno- a 10 hour trip. This sounds awful- ten hours on a cramped bus; but it wasn't that bad since the bus stopped often at interesting sites and once for lunch. In fact this was one of the most interesting parts of the trip. The photos below cannot capture the clear crisp beauty of the high plateau or Altiplano closely enough- you'll just have to go visit it yourself.

One of the places we stopped was Pukara. This shot shows the village from the top of the ruins:

We stopped for lunch; this woman was selling knit wares:

Woman with hat

After lunch, the bus stopped at Raochi. Note the man walking across the picture with his guitar:

Here he is again. He got on the bus and entertained us for awhile and then got off at the next stop.

Musician on bus

A little ways before Puno, we reached the high point between Cuzco and Puno, the Abra La Raya, at 14,166 feet above sea level. It was cold and windy but beautiful. The light at high altitude is difficult to describe- everything is brighter and the colors deeper. The air is crisp and yes you do need to breath deeply and fully to get enough oxygen. Interestingly, clouds look closer! The people raise alpacas and sheep and herds are often seen crossing the roads. This woman and her dog were posing for pictures.

Woman and dog

At the end of our bus ride as dusk neared we reached Juliaca and then Puno. We arrived at the bus stop and Antonio, our guide during our stay in the Lake Titicaca area, met us and took us to our hotel.

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