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Hello and welcome to our description of our journey in Peru.

This site will describe and illustrate some of the sights we saw and the things we did during our summer 2001 vacation in Peru. Please click on the image map above (or use the navigation table at the bottom of the pages) to see our pictures and read about what we did in each of the areas we visited. The focus of our travels was on the southern region of Peru including Cuzco, Machu Picchu (of course!), The Tampobata Research Center, and Lake Titcaca; however, we also visited the North Coast and spent our final day in Lima.

We are: Gobind Khalsa and Becky Riehm. You can access our homepage at Gossamer-Wings. What made us decide to visit Peru? After research, we discovered that Peru offers a variety of experiences - archeology, nature, culture - in some of the most unique and memorable destinations on the planet. All in all this trip was fantastic! We booked online with Wildland Adventrues and they hooked us up with Explorandes in Peru. Our itinerary was complex, and Explorandes did an excellent job.

About Peru

Peru is a fascinating country. Although it is usually associated with the Inca civilization, it has a very diverse ecology ranging from the Andes and high plauteau and Lake Titcaca to the Amazon rainforest, and on the western side of the Andes to the northern deserts and the extensive seacoast. There's something for everyone- from diverse living cultures and ecologies to ancient ruins; from mountains to forests to deserts to the Pacific ocean. If you are considering a trip, we recommend the Lonely Planet Guidebook. Lonely Planet Guide
The page here about the Environment describes some of the environmental situations in Peru, especially the Amazon. And if you are considering a trip, please check out our Travel Tips page.

Contact Information and Links

Here's some suggested links for more information about Peru:

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Peruvian Embassy Travel page

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and our: Tips for Travel to Peru

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