Revisiting the Heisler Family Farm

The roads around one's home are always evocative. They can lead away from the familiar, toward uncertainty and adventure. And they can lead back again to peace and comfort. Seeing these roads again brought back many memories of 1960 and 1961.

I remember this road as being the way to 'the dump'. It had all kinds of old radios, refrigerators, washing machines and dozens of old bottles. I spent many hours there tearing old speakers apart to get the magnets to play with.
Even if I wasn't going anywhere in particular, though, it was just nice to stroll along this shady lane.
I don't know where it ends. I might go back sometime to find that out. Or I might just leave that a mystery.
In the opposite direction, I remember this road as being the way to my uncle Clayton's farm. In 1960 there was an abandoned house along this road. The roof and floors were caved in and some of the walls had fallen down. I once spent an entire day waling away with a crowbar at what still stood. It was a great way to work out pent-up emotions.
The school bus came down this road from Route 20 to pick us up each morning. I also sledded down this road in the winter time. It was quite steep and had a number of dips.
I'd start the sled way up past this stretch of road, almost to Route 20, and run as fast as I could to get a good start. I could get almost a quarter mile of sledding before hitting the curve below the barn and heading uphill to a stop.
The way home.

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