To get an idea of the visual impact of the islands of Tahiti, picture the following sequence of images all captured within the span of less than one hour. These were taken early in the morning in June, their winter and dry season..
Maguey and Guy's water taxi has taken us out to the motu and dropped us off at Fareone Point. They will return to pick us up in five hours. We begin trekking up the beach. Becky, eager to explore the Coral Garden, is in the lead. I turn around to snap this picture of the main island before proceeding.
There is only one other couple who we rarely see besides ourselves on this beautiful beach. We are as innocents alone in paradise.
A palm casts a perfect shadow on the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.
Becky doesn't waste a moment but dives almost immediately into the Coral Garden's jewel-like setting. I enter soon after.
Some fish wait for us just below the surface, while others congregate around the coral (below).
We are absorbed by the lagoon environment and the hours pass until we pull ourselves exhausted from its spell. ("Well I wasn't that tired."- Becky)

Everything on our trip was like this. Sometimes it seemed like sensory overload, but we'd take it all in anyway. The end result is that we came back from Tahiti with an increased capacity to experience life - and less inclination to settle for a humdrum existence. (And I, Becky, think a deeper appreciation of what's important- love, compassion, not competition and monetary success. Slow down and smell the tiare!)

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