Pictures of Tahiti

Here's some suggestions based on our experiences:


  1. Bring your credit card.* (See below)
  2. Eat at the local restaurants.Get the full meal plan if you know you are staying at a resort located a distance from any restaurants.
  3. Try Hinano beer and tiare sorbet.
  4. Try to buy locally made souvenirs.
  5. Swim with a T shirt. When swimming, wear as little sunblock as possible and only in the most exposed places (nose, face.) Wear a hat and sunglasses on land.
  6. Wear surf shoes when swimming, but always avoid stepping on the coral.
  7. Bring your own fins and mask- you'll get a better fit and have continuous use.
  8. Get a copy of the Lonely Planet guide to Tahiti and French Polynesia.



  1. Leave home without your credit card.
  2. Buy tacky souvenirs made in some sweatshop.
  3. For the sake of the environment, don't buy black pearls or jewelry made from coral.
  4. Swim without a T shirt on if you burn.
  5. Use sunblock (except where necessary) when snorkeling since it washes off and kills the coral.
  6. Drink the water. Get bottled water at a store if you can.
  7. Try to go to too many islands- better to do one or two thoroughly.
  8. Stay at the Bali Hai Moorea or the Club Bali Hai.
  9. Go shark or ray feeding or swim with the captive dolphins.
  10. Don't forget to bring some PowerBars! Food is expensive!



Resort Life Can Be Expensive, So Use Your Credit Card!

* Taking all of your meals and arranging all of your activities through the resort can be very expensive, but that's what we did for our three days at the Sofitel Heiva on Huahine. You may wonder what kinds of expenses might accrue above and beyond what is provided for in your tour. We thought you might like to see our bill. (The only item that was not a meal or activity involved the purchase of a pareo at the resort's boutique.) The charges listed are in Central Polynesian Francs (CFP) and were billed to my credit card in the amount of $612.72 (US dollars). That's an exchange rate of 124.78 CFP to $1.00, which was 25% better than the 100 to 1 rate given by most local merchants, and also better than the banks' rate.


Date : 18.06.00

DU 15.06.2000 AU 18.06.2000
DatePrestationQteP.U H.TTotal H.TTvaP.U TTCTotal TTC
150600RESTAURANT MIDI21 368.002 736.00D1 450.002 900.00
150600RESTAURANT SOIR25 915.0011 830.00D6 270.0012 540.00
160600PETIT DEJEUNER21 846.003 692.00D1 957.003 914.00
160600PETIT DEJEUNER1236.00236.00D250.00250.00
160600AFO SAFARI119 300.009 300.00A9 300.009 300.00
160600CIT PIROGUE216 509.006 509.00D6 900.006 900.00
160600BAR MIDI1500.00500.00D530.00530.00
160600BOUTIQUE13 000.003 000.00C3 270.003 270.00
160600RESTAURANT SOIR22 830.005 660.00D3 000.006 000.00
170600PETIT DEJEUNER21 846.003 692.00D1 957.003 914.00
170600PROMENADE A CHEVA3111 925.0011 925.00D12 640.0012 640.00
170600BAR MIDI1500.00500.00D530.00530.00
170600TRANSFERT FARE412 718.002 718.00B2 800.002 800.00
170600RESTAURANT SOIR25 174.5010 249.00D5 485.0010 970.00
180600MASTER CARD TPE1-76 458.00-76 458.00-76 458.00-76 458.00
1 4X4 Backcountry safari for two - see the sights, well worth it!
2 Circle the island in an outrigger canoe, with snorkeling for two.
3 Horseback riding on the beach for two.
4 Ride for two to nearest town and back.

AEXON.9 300.000.00
B3.002 718.0081.54
C9.003 000.00270.00
D6.0057 629.003 457.74


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