Moorea Sunset on Moorea

Our trip concluded on Moorea. We were waiting for a beautiful sunset and we got this photo our final evening. We were on the dock at the Bali Hai Moorea resort as a team of rowers was practicing for the upcoming Heiva festival. They rowed across the lagoon at sunset. Please click on the hyperlinks to see the photos. Then click on Close Window to close the window with the picture in it.

Gobind's trip:

Becky's trip:

Once in Moorea we got settled into our garden bungalow quickly. After an American style lunch at the poolside bar we headed out on a quite extensive 4X4 tour of the island. After riding some rough rutted roads and crossing a boulder-strewn stream we toured a pineapple plantation. We saw red ginger and bird-of-paradise plants, and mango and breadfruit trees. We saw Pigs and chickens. We stopped at an agricultural college where we saw some beautiful scenery and interesting plants. We also got a cool and refreshing tropical fruit smoothie there. Continuing, we went to a lookout called the "Belvedire" and visited a brewery where we got to sample coconut, pineapple and banana liquors. We saw more ancient Polynesian temples, or marae and examined their petroglyphs. The tour ended with a hike up a steep trail to a waterfall (its flow at a trickle because of dry weather) and as night fell a welcome back tailgate snack of tropical fruits. We arrived back at the Bali Hai just in time for a Tahitian traditional dance troup and dinner. What a busy day!

The next morning we went on Dr. Poole's dolphin watch, pretty much circling the island before we found them. That was fine with me, as I was enjoying the wonderful island vistas as seen from the dolphin watch boat. We thoroughly enjoyed this excursion!

After returning we did a little shopping and, joined by some island dogs, ended the evening on the dock at sunset, where some young men were practicing rowing for the upcoming Heiva competition.

I enjoyed the 4W drive tour on Moorea, including the hike to the waterfall (it was the dry season)so it was a watertrickle We saw mare, including some of the most extensive sites in the islands. The house plants get really big here: rubber plant! And we stopped for refreshments:at a distillery

I was really looking forward to seeing marine life that was not half-tame from being overfed for tourists. So we went on a dolphin watch eco-tour. This is about the only eco-tour that really is an eco-tour available. We got some good pictures of the spinner dolphins - in the wild - not in captivity! Go on Dr. Michael Poole's Dolphin Watch. He knows the 65 or so dophins who live around Moorea by name. He's been doing research there since the 1980s. Part of the proceeds from the cost go to help fund research to help the dolphins and the marine environment.

The sunset was beautiful. Gobind took a series of sunset photos from the dock, then we walked about a kilometer to escape the dreadful food at the resort and had a delightful meal at Le Cocotier restaurant on our final night. Try Hinano beer and a goat cheese salad. But watch out for the crab holes in the road walking at night.

I thought Moorea had more environmental issues than Bora Bora. See The Environment for a summary of environmental issues in the islands.



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